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No One Knows Industrial Packaging Better

We design and manufacture sustainable, protective packaging for manufacturers.

Optimize your packaging, improve operational efficiencies, restore labor balance, enhance customer satisfaction and achieve real bottom line savings.

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- High Performance Industrial Packaging
- Large Product Protective Packaging
- Foam Replacement

- Wooden Pallet Replacement
- Wooden Crate Replacement
- Under Engineered, Under Performing Packaging Replacement


Packaging Products

We use materials that are readily recyclable, contain recycled content and are sourced from partners with sustainability initiatives in place. We extract every ounce of performance from the materials we design with.


A "Single Pack" is a package designed for a single product. We typically use a combination of materials engineered to perform specific functions. Manufacturers of OEM products may also use them to ship service items or warranty products. 

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Protective Industrial Packaging
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A "Multi Pack" is a pallet load or container of the same or similar products. OEMs rely on them to ship to major manufacturers. An example would be a motor manufacturer shipping full pallet loads of the same motor to an appliance manufacturer. 

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Protective Industrial Packaging
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A "Bulk Pack" is a pallet load or container of the same product. Ingredients, powders, liquids, pellets, or any part that doesn't require individual protective packaging. We are able to incorporate an endless variety of features to make transporting your bulk product easier and more profitable. 

© Innovative Enterprises, Inc. Bulk Pack Combo Box Image


"Crate Packs" are ISPM 15 exempt, pack fast, offer superior protection, and in most cases offer a total cost reduction. Made from durable, sustainable, cost effective and readily recyclable materials. Designed to easily stand up to the most hostile shipping environments. 

© Innovative Enterprises, Inc. Crate Pack Image
Protective Industrial Packaging
© Innovative Enterprise, Inc. Product Protection Shield Illustration


An integral part of the shipping cycle. paper pallets are sustainable, easily recycled, clean, strong, lightweight, ISPM 15 exempt, free of nails, staples and splinters, are worker friendly and can easily be sized to your product.

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Recycled Recyclable Symbol 300 x 300 300
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Ready to Ship

Honeycomb Sheets

Corrugated Sheets

Tape and Dispensers

Stretch Film

Strapping and Strapping Tools

Stock Boxes

Tape Dispenser and Carton

These core product categories represent an endless combination of products and application solutions. We have the facilities and abilities to engage on new and interesting projects. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your application. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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Packaging Services

Lightning FAST

High Performance Industrial Packaging


10-Point Packaging Evaluation

Optimize Your Packaging With Our Expert Help

Expert Solutions To Complex Packaging Challenges

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Our only mission is to serve you,  our customers.  For over 40 years we have been sharply focused on the answer to one question, "how can we help you"?

About Us


Family owned and operated since 1979, Innovative has developed and honed a unique set of industrial packaging design and manufacturing skills.


Our mission is to develop enduring customer relationships by deliver a lasting return on your investment of time, information and trust. Additionally, we offer that same expertise to help support regional sales organizations.


Having worked with thousands of manufacturers, we are familiar with all industrial material handling modes and practices. 


Delivering bottom line cost savings through innovative packaging design.


We are fair, honest and straight forward. We deliver on our word.


How can we help you today?


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We're here for you!  If you need assistance with an order or want to begin a better packaging program this is the place.  We will flawlessly route your request to the right person and you will receive a timely response.

We strive to serve you!

If you need immediate assistance, please call (636) 390-0300.

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"Innovative has eliminated our product damage, simplified our packing process and hasn't missed a delivery in 8 years!  I highly recommend Innovative Enterprises, Inc.”


—  Bob B., General Manager

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