Bulk Pack

same parts or product in one package or unit load not requiring separation

Bulk packaging usually requires strong containment and even stronger stacking strength. Our experience and passion can transform your current bulk pack. With measurable improvements, you will easily see the difference between the cookie-cutter industry standard and a package that was well thought out and tailored for your specific manufacturing, storage and transport environment.

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​Combo Box (tray-sleeve-tray) and Paper Pallet for a clean & lightweight transport solution.

The time spent evaluating your current bulk solution is time well spent. Optimizing the design is an opportunity to enhance your packaging and deliver savings throughout your organization. Packaging effects many aspects of your business. Let us help you make it perfect!

Using materials consistent with their inherent strengths and incorporating performance enhancing features can turn sloppy, damage prone packaging into a source of pride and customer praise! Let Innovative help you reap the benefits.


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