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Deals and Liquidation

Occasionally, we will have excess material inventory or equipment that needs to find a new home. This is excellent chance to purchase at liquidation prices or even trade something you no longer need for something useful to you. YES, we will trade for equipment, vehicles or materials we find useful.

Material Deals

CT 6-Light


78 x 48 x 2

Honeycomb Panel

Priced Below Wholesale

Quantity per Pallet: 24

Pallet Load Size: 78 x 48 x 51

Weight per Panel: 6.5 lbs.

Weight per Pallet: 175 lbs

Freight Class: 250

Shipped on low-profile honeycomb pallet (forklift only). 

Packaging: Strapping, Strap Protectors, and Pallet.

Price Ea.


FOB Point

Washington, MO




Perfect for trailer void fill between pallet loads to keep freight from shifting. This panel's CT 6-Light construction denotes an approximate 1.2" cell size and 31# facer paper.

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