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Wooden Pallet Inventory

In an attempt to reduce the burden on our local landfill, we offer wooden pallet recycling services to some of our community's largest manufacturers. The goal is to give 1-trip, in-bound raw material pallets a second chance at service. All of the pallets we recycle are in gently used condition. They have been used one time and have many more trips left in them. We cull any questionable pallets from the service stream and offer them to local community members for artistic/project use.

Current Inventory

Wooden Pallet

Priced Below Wholesale

Quantity per Unit Load: 10

Pallet Load Size: 35 x 37 x 50

Weight per Pallet: 30-35 lbs. (32 lb. actual)

Weight per Unit Load: 380-400 lbs

Freight Class: 200

Packaging: Strapping

FOB Point

Washington, MO


SFNR 2-Way


35 x 37 x 5

Price Ea.





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© Innovative Enterprise, Inc. Wooden Pallet
© Innovative Enterprise, Inc. Wooden Pallet

Perfect for small, heavy Loads.  Can be cut to fit 3 across in trailer (35 x 30) for additional $.75.


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